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      Company Overview
      * Founded in 1988
      * Well-known medical device packaging manufactures, one of the standard drafter
      * Our brand ------Mpack  Tuoan  KPL
      * Product include ---Sealing Sterilization Pouches, Sterilization paper bag, Aluminum Foil bags, SMMMS Wrapping sheets and offering different design and solution of Sterilization packing, according to customer needs, ten million pouches daily output.
      * Mpack has a wide range of marketing and sales in home market, and also export to America, EU, Southeast Asia and more than 50 countries.

      * 2013.05.17 Mpack listing on NEW OTCBB

      Mpack factory
      Add: Export production base (Bldg 16, 789#Puxing Road, Shanghai, China)
      Domestic production baseLayer two, Bldg  4, 85#Baiyun Road, Shanghai, China (Layer two, Bldg  4, 85#Baiyun Road, Shanghai, China)
      Warehouse logistics center (5519# Puxing Road, Shanghai, China)
      New product research Center and production (Bldg 4, 65#Baiyun Road, Shanghai, China)
      Raw material supply base(121#Taifeng Road, TianJing, China)
      South, 7#Road, Wei Road, Changhen Xian, XinXiang City, HeNan Province,China

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